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Our stills are custom manufactured using all stainless steel parts.  We offer a single unit that operates as both a pot still and reflux still.  Our systems include all hoses, clamps, thermometer with bung, brass hose fitting and submersible pump (to give you the option on your method of cooling), and column filling (your choice of type)- and items not even offered elsewhere such as chemical tolerant distillate hose, diffuser plate, and stainless steel chain for kettle cleaning. Other suppliers try to lower their price by not including many of these necessary items, and are most often still much higher priced. In fact, by the time you ‘build’ your system elsewhere by adding all of these items, we are often more than $100 lower for a similar system!


The 7 1/2 gallon still comes with (1) 1500 watt electric heating element.  The 16 gallon version comes with (2) 1500 watt heating elements.


Every still we offer can be further customized to meet your needs. 



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