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Great beer starts with a sound recipe, fresh ingredients and the right equipment. Design2Brew has you covered!

Design2Brew has the largest in-stock selection of brewing supplies and equipment in the St Louis area.  We stock nearly 80 varieties of grain available for bulk-purchase.  No other store offers their customers the ability to taste and smell their grains before purchasing. 

Our hop freezer has 90 varieties in both ounce and pound packaging. 

We stock both versions of liquid yeast (Wyeast and Whitelab) and all of the dry yeast on the market.  Coopers, Muntons, Safale, Lallmand, and more.  All of our yeast is refrigerated and our stock is rotated.  Our ecommerce shopping system and store system share the same inventory which is updated after each order. 

Take a look at our brewing and kegging hardware sections.  We have a huge selection of in-stock stainless fittings for kegs and brewing. Visit our beer brewing departments below.

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Learning Center

Our Learning Center offers how to guides, white papers, presentations, calculators and award winning recipes for your next batch of beer or wine.

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