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Brew Year's Resolutions for Craft Beer Enthusiats and Home Brewers.

Posted by Stephanie on

This year we are on the hunt for our Top Ten Brew Year's Resolutions.  These are not in any particular order.  Try one or all ten! 

Try your hand at brewing a style of beer outside your comfort zone.  The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines is the perfect place to start learning about the subtle nuances of each style. 

Introduce a friend or family member to home brewing.  On your next brew day invite a friend, co-worker or family member to help with your next brew day.  

Participate in St Louis Craft Beer Week.  St. Louis Craft Beer Week is a celebration of all things related to craft beer.  The week kicks off in late July and includes events hosted by breweries, distributors, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and beer fans all working together to promote and enjoy craft beer.

Gift craft beer or homebrewing equipment as a gift.  Forgive our shameless self-promotion! But seriously, we have some pretty sweet home brewing equipment for every level of brewer.  

Host a beer tasting. Beer is meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends. Find a few folks, and ask everyone to bring a new or rare bottle. Chances are you’ll get to try something new and everyone will learn something.  If you don't wish to host your own event, check out the Monthly Bottle Share hosted by St Charles County Craft Tap.

Attend a St Louis Beer Festival.  The St Louis Brewer's Guild hosts two of the largest beer festivals each year.  Check out their website to learn more about the festivals or the 30+ brewer's who are members. 

Bring craft beer or one of your home brew creations to a house warming or dinner party.    Not sure what beer's pair with different types of meals?  The Dummies Guide to Pairing Beer with Food is a good resource.

Attend (or better yet - Join) a local home brew club.  St Louis is home to several well attended Brew Clubs.  The St Louis Brews (started over 30 years ago) is the oldest.  The newest brew club is the St Charles Brew Club which meets the first Wednesday of the month here at Design2Brew.  For a list of all of the local brew clubs check out

Train to become a Certified Beer Judge.  Why judge beer?  Because you love beer, and the camaraderie among beer geeks. Judging (and the training involved to get there) is a great way to improve your beer tasting and brewing abilities. It's also a great way to volunteer and give something back to the homebrew community.  The BJCP website has all the information you need to start you on your journey. 

Jump into Bootleg Biology and do some Yeast Wrangling.    Anywhere you are there is yeast available.  It's amazing how character can be different between different strains. 

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