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The Brew Bag® allows the brewing process to be simplified through the use of one kettle and one burner for the entire brewing process. Compare this to the typical three vessel system which includes a hot water kettle, a mash tun (cooler), and a boiling kettle, plus two burners. The Brew Bag™ fabric filter serves as the link between the three by combining them into the same vessel.

The Brew Bag® is placed in the boil kettle after the total volume of water needed to brew has been heated to strike temperature. Grain is then added to the bag (which is in the kettle) and in 45-60 minutes converts the starches into fermentable sugars (the mash). After the mash is complete, The Brew Bag® is lifted out of the kettle leaving behind the wort (that's brewer lingo for the water + grain results) which is now ready to boil.

To further explain the difference between brew in a bag and a three tier sparge set-up: to reach proper wort volume, additional hot water is added to the mash tun after the mash has completed to “push” the wort out of the tun and into the boil kettle. This is called sparging and depending on the type of sparging, can take 30 to 90 minutes. The Brew In A Bag method eliminates this step.

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