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Basic Brew Session 

Beer sessions consists of a 5 hour course, in 2 sessions, in which the participants brew and bottle 5-10 gallons of beer using a recipe of their choosing. The participants actively perform all of the steps of the brewing process while being provided instruction on how they apply to home brewer.  All of the ingredients, equipment and instruction you'll need to brew at a batch of your very own craft beer. Brewing sessions are available on Saturdays only and start at 10:00 & 2:30. Up to 4 participants per session.  The cost of each additional participant is $25.00.  Have more questions?  Check out our FAQ Page

  • Visit 1: Brewing – 3.5 - 4 hours session, process overview, measuring ingredients, mashing and sparging the grains, boiling hops, chilling the wort, pitching the yeast.
  • Visit 2: Bottling – 1 hour session, racking the beer, adding priming sugar, filling/capping bottles.


Session Fee+


5 Gallon Session

(2 Cases of 22 oz. Bottles)

$139.99 + Taxes

$29.98 + Tax

10 Gallon Session (5 hours)

(4 Cases of 22 oz. Bottles)

199.00 + Taxes

$59.96 + Tax

+:  Includes the ingredients, equipment, instruction and up to 4, Recipes for 60 minute boil.

#:  Customers are free to carbonate their beer in their own bottles or keg

 Bottle Storage and Cleaning 

  • Proper Storage: Keep your bottles upright - Never lay them on their sides. Store your beer in a refrigerator or at “cellar” temperature. A cool, dark spot in your basement is better than a garage; temperature fluctuation is bad for your beer.

  • Cleaning: Empty all contents of the bottle. Immediately rinse the bottle with warm tap water—TWICE and use a bottle brush to remove the bio-film. Place the bottle upside-down in its corrugated case. Once the bottles are clean, store them at cellar temperature or cooler to prevent bacterial growth during storage. 

  • Using Your Own Bottles : Yes, you may bring in your own clean bottles to bottle your beer or wine. The bottles will be sanitized (by you) prior to bottling.  Note:  We are unable to guarantee beer or wine bottled in your used bottles Beer and wine bottled in improperly cleaned bottles -- especially when a bottle brush is not used to remove the bio-film is subject to spoilage.  If you wish to use your own bottles, by all means do; however please sure to carefully clean and inspect every bottle!! 


Experienced All Grain Brewer Session (unavailable at this time)

The experienced brewer has previously brewed several batches using the all grain method.  This brewer prefers to plan and execute the brewing process with minimal assistance and desires to complete fermentation, bottling or kegging at home.  A Brew Mentor is available to assist you with the Brew Easy and provide a review of your recipe if you would like, but may not be available to provide hands on mentoring throughout the process.  Kettles will be cleaned and sanitized for your arrival.  The Experienced Brewer may invite up to ONE assistant. Each additional assistant is $25.00.

Here are the prices for the Experienced Brewer Program.  The prices do not include the cost of ingredients, or other consumables.   


Session Fee+


Experienced Brewer

(4 hours) 5 Gallon 

$45.50 + Ingredients


Experienced Brewer

(5 hours) 10 Gallon

$75.50 + Ingredients



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