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Brew on Premise


Design2Brew is the only On Premise Store in the state of Missouri where customers can schedule and brew beer or make cider, mead or wine. With batch sizes from one to twenty gallons and everywhere in between we have something for everyone and charge a flat hourly rate for the use of our lab plus the cost of ingredients and supplies.  


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If you are new to brewing and wine making you might be interested in one of our one gallon classes which result in a six pack of your favorite brew or four bottles of wine. With hundreds of ingredients to choose from you can design your brew just the way you want it.

How Does It Work?

1. Schedule

Pick your date and select your recipe from our many house recipes. If you are an experienced brewer and have a recipe you want to brew in our lab just give us a call. From yeast starters to custom water additions we have you covered.  Call Stephanie at 636-265-0751 to schedule your brew.  

2. Brew Day

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time. You will pick your grains and other ingredients and review the recipe and process with our Master Brewer. The amount of time to complete the brew day is dependent on the style of beverage and recipe you are making.

3. Fermentation (Optional)

You have the option to leave your wort (beer) or must (wine/cider/mead) in our temperature controlled fermentation room for a small fee or take it home to complete the fermentation. We can estimate the time it will take to ferment and will check it a couple days before then to confirm your date to come and bottle.

4. Rack (Optional)

The day of bottling please arrive 30 minutes before your bottling time. Your beer, wine, cider or mead will be racked. If you are making a beer you will be ready to bottle. If you are making cider, mead or wine your product will be returned to the fermentation room. Depending on what you are making, this step may be repeated.

5. Bottling (Optional)

If you fermented in our store you will be ready to bottle when your beer, wine, mead or cider has completed fermentation and is clear. You can buy new bottles or bring some from home. If you bring bottles from home we ask they be squeaky clean. All bottles, new or used will need to be washed and sanitized.

6. Condition

All beverages will require some time to condition in the bottle before drinking.

To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call our store at (636)265-0751 or email On Premise Brewing requires advance reservations with weekends our busiest time. A $100 deposit is required In order to lock in your space subject to our 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

You must be 21 Years of Age And Older to Attend Classes or A Brew Session At Design2Brew



Interested in labels for your newly created beer, wine, mead or cider?  Design2Brew has teamed with GrogTag and Wine Labels Direct to help you create the perfect label.


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