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Developed for commercial wineries, our Certified California Concentrated Juice kits are specifically formulated for the professional winemaker. However, our “Vintner Friendly”™ recipe makes it easy to create stellar, award winning wines both at home, or in the commercial wine cellar. We do not blend varietals from different countries, nor do we add water or sugar in any form, a testament to our quality standard and, also what draws us apart from the competition. We certify the appellation of each varietal and provide documentation that complies with all federal regulations for commercial winemaking, including; specific data regarding additives and preservatives used to treat and balance our products. Our Certified California Concentrate Juice Kits pure varietal concentrate formulation and documented pedigree allow the winemaker to achieve the ultimate result of superior, handcrafted wines of uncompromising quality and veracity.

Each kit contains necessary winemaking components including: recommended yeast, oak and other fining and stabilizing agents.

6.4 Liters of 68 brix varietal concentrate. Wine Yield=23 Liters


Kits will be available for Pre-Order each quarter and ordered in bulk to provide competitive shipping and overall cost.


Questions?  Call Stephanie in the store to learn more.  

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