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Cider  is an alcoholic drink from apples. It is an apple wine served like a beer.  

Like beer styles and wine varietals, there are many different types of cider.  Here are just a few:

  •    French cider (Breton and Norman) is low in alcohol and contains significant residual unfermented sugar.
  •    German (Frankfurt and Trier) is fully fermented and very dry to an English palate
  •    Spanish – characterized by high volatile acidity and foaming characteristics
  •   English (Modern)– light flavors which arise from the chaptalization with glucose syrup before fermentation to give high alcohol which   are   then diluted with water and sweeteners prior to retail sale

The best cider applies have higher sugar levels, fibrous structures (to make pressing easirer) and yield more juice and higher concentration of tannings.  As a general rule, it takes about 20 pounds of apples to produce 5 gallons of juice.

Cider is fairly simple to make. Check out our resources page for our cider basic instruction kit.


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