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Hops are the female flowers of the hop plant Humulus Lupulus.  They  are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart a bitter, tangy flavor, though hops are also used for various purposes in other beverages and herbal medicine. 

The first documented use of hops in beer as a flavoring agent is from the 11th century.  Before this period, brewers used a wide variety of bitter herbs and flowers, including dandelion, burdock root, marigold, horehound, ground ivy and heather to name a few.  The Design2Brew Lending Library has a copy of Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Buhner which is a great resource for learning about early beers and herbs and flowers used in them. 

Design2Brew sells hops in leaf and pellet form.  Availability and pricing is updated frequently so check back periodically to see what we have in stock.  All of our hops are stored in our Hop Freezer near the Grain Center. 

***Warning***  Hops can cause malignant hyperthermia in canines, usually with  fatal results.  Even small amounts can trigger a potentially deadly
reaction,  including “spent” hops from the brewing process.  Immediate action should be taken if hops are consumed by a dog. 




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