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How To Choose A Wine Kit

The most frequent question asked by our customers is "Which kit should I choose?" 

Both WineExpert and RJ Spagnols have designed kits that are easy to make if you follow the instructions.  So the decision of what kit to purchase is limited to a few simple criteria.

First, choose a wine you like to drink.  If you prefer highly tannic dry reds there are many varietals made in that style.  Likewise if you prefer a semi-sweet fruity wine those are available too.  The important thing is that each kits makes 29-30 bottles of wine.  That is a lot of wine.  You will want to make a kit with wine you will enjoy drinking.     

Second, what is your timing?  If you are making a wine for a wedding in six weeks or you wish to drink the wine you make soon your choices will be limited four or five week kits.  These kits are lighter style.  The four week kits are also where you will find the fruit + wine kits like Island Mist and Orchard Breezin.  These kits are super easy to make and bottle and for the most, are ready to drink within a week to a month of bottling.   Four week kits range in price between $64 - $84.99.  They are a great value and a the perfect wine to sip on the front porch, a barbque or share with a large group of friends.  buy a couple of these kits to enjoy while you are waiting for one of our eight week kits to mature.  

If your timing is flexible you should consider the six and eight week wine kits.  Many of these kits include oak products or grape skins.  These wines will have a fuller-body and will easily compare the more expensive commercial wines.  It is not unsual for an Eclipse or Winery Series Wine Kit to be as good as (or in many cases BETTER) than a $25-$30 bottle of commercial wine.  These wines will require a bit longer in the bottle.  We tell our customers a six week kit will have white wines maturing around 4 months and reds at six.  For the eight week kits the white wines may take up to nine months and some of the reds continue to improve to eightteen months and longer.  You can certainly drink them sooner -- but save a few. You will be amazed at how much they improve as they age.  

Finally, budget is always a practical concern.  You will find however Design2Brew stocks numerous kits in each product family.  Even some of our five week kits include oak and grape skins.  And of course, we also offer sales and incentives 


Except where indicated, all of the wine kits listed below make 6 U.S. gallons of wine (30 standard wine bottles). All subsequent references to gallons will be U.S. gallons. In addition, except for water, these kits come with all of the additives you need to ferment, stabilize and clear your wine.

Kit Time Size Bottles Grape Skins Fermentation Clarification Aging Cost Range Ave Px / Bot
Cru Orchard   Breezin (Wine Coolers) 4 Weeks 4.5 L 30 No 2 - 3 Weeks 1 Week Optional $64.99 $2.17
Vino Del Vida 4 Weeks 9 L 30 No 2 - 3 Weeks 1 - 2 Weeks Optional $69.99 $2.33
Grand Cru 4 Weeks 10 L 30 No 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 3 weeks Optional $72.99 2.43
Cru International 4 Weeks 12 L 30 Some 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 3 weeks Optional $91.99 3.06
Cru Select 5 Weeks 16 L 30 Some 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 3 weeks Optional $124.99 - 149.99 $4.13 - $4.99
Cellar Classic 6 Weeks 15 L 30 No 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 4 Weeks Optional $119.69 $3.99
Cellar Classic   Winery Series 6 Weeks 18 L 30 Yes 2 - 3 Weeks 1 - 2 Weeks Optional $146.99 $4.89
en Primeur 8 Weeks 18 L 30 Yes 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Optional $169.99 $5.33
Wine Expert Limited Edition 2014 6 Weeks 18 L 30 Yes 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Optional $135.95-163.95 $4.50-$5.43
Cru Specialty   (Dessert and Port) 6 Weeks 12 L 15 No 2 - 3 Weeks 2 - 4 Weeks Optional $105.37 $7.02


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