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In Store Classes

Introduction There are lots of books on how to make beer and wine, which give you a good start, but they don’t always help you in working out where you went wrong, when your creation doesn’t come out as well as you had hoped. The best way to learn is in the company of others, at all levels of experience, so that you can compare notes (and share your creation) to the benefit of all. By doing this you will also get more enjoyment from the hobby.

Aims These classes are aimed not only at beginners, but also at those who wish to broaden their interest and develop their skills, either for their own enjoyment or competitively. They will help you not only with your wine making practices, but also to objectively assess your own beers and wines, and develop your own recipes. If you wish to enter beer and wines into competitions, it will help you to understand what judges are looking for and to enter your wines in the right class(es).

Format of Sessions Classes will be held in Design2Brew Classroom.  The duration of each session range from 1 hours to multi days.  A supply list (if required) will be provided before the start of each class.  Please bring something to write with. If you have made some wine that you would like members to try, then please bring it with you.


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