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Wondering what equipment you should purchase to begin your winemaking hobby?  Design2Brew has several kit options - each outfitted with reliable equipment  


Column1 Deluxe Deluxe Glass Deluxe BB One Gallon
  3010DLC 3010 3010BB 3008
Fermentation Bucket - 7.9 Gal X X X  
Fermentation Bucket Lid- 7.9 Gal X X X  
Fermentation Bucket - 2 Gal       X
Fermentation Bucket Lid - 2 Gal   Lid       X
Carboy - 6 Gal Glass X X    
Carboy - 6 Gal Better Bottle     X  
Carboy - 1 Gal Glass X     X
Double Lever Corker X      
Hydrometer X X X X
5' Siphon Hose with Shut Off   Clamp X X X  
Drilled Universal Bung X X    
Airlock X X X X
Fermtech Auto Siphon X X X Mini
Bottle Filler X X X  
Bottle Brush X X X X
Easy No Rinse Cleanser X X X X
Montrachet Yeast & Campden   Tablets       X
Recipe Book X X X X
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