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Laboratory Equipment (Used) For Sale

Laboratory Equipment for Brewery (and/or winery)

We have the following items for sale. Very Very lightly used. We prefer to sell as a package.

Items are owned by a Chemist. He is willing to provide training

1. UV VIS Spectrophotometer - Nearly New Less than 100 Hours $2,000

2. Incubator - VWR Model 210. Has a temperature range of +5C to 55C, uniformity +/- 0.5C. Capacity 3.8 Cu-FT. Safety high limit thermostat. 2 adjustable shelves. Digital temperature display. This was originally manufacturered as a refrigerated and heated incubator but since the refrigeration is not servicable we are selling this as a heated incubator only. Great condition $250

3. Microscope. 10x oculars 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x objectives. Celestron digital imager. Less than 50 hours use. $150

4. Vacuum filtration system $240
Hand operated vacuum pump with vacuum tubing
250 ML vacuum flask
3" ceramic Buchner funnel with filter paper
250 ML microfiltration funnel
0.45 micron filters

Vinmetrica Pro Analyzer Kit with MLF --$$500
SC300 S02, PH, TA Analyzer
PH electrode
S02 Electrode
MLF analyzer and reaction vials
Ring stand with burette and electrode holders
Battery operated magnetic stirrer
50 ML plastic beaker
25 ml burette

Miscellaneous Lab Ware
~ 30 50ML Polypropylene centridge tubes
~ 75 7 ML polypropylene sterile transfer pipets
~50 1ML polypropylele transfer pipettes
~xx 4oz / 118 ML Whirl Pak Sample Bags
~ 50, 20 ML plastic test tubes with color caps
Test tube rack
Graduated cylinders, 10ML, 50ML, 100ML




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