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St Louis Metro Supported Clubs

Design2Brew is pleased to provide supported clubs and community groups with a discount program for our fresh ingredients.


Effective September 1, 2016 CLUB DISCOUNTS will be limited to regular priced wine and beer kits, malts or grains, hops, dry yeast, flavor extracts, sugars, oak products and chemicals added as ingredients. All other items will not qualify for this discount, but will qualify for other promotional discounts as they occur. Design2Brew recognizes the following clubs; club members will be asked to show their card once per year.


  • St Charles Brew Club
  • Missouri Home Vintner’s Association
  • Garage Brewers
  • St Louis Brews
  • Jefferson County Brewers
  • St Louis Hops
  • Wort's Homebrew Club


To learn more about the groups we support Click the club name to be taken to their individual website.   

Visit your local club or sign up for email updates to find out about special club events throughout the year, including big brews, homebrew contests and more. 

Design2Brew is also the home for the St Charles Brew Club, Mo-Shiners and Missouri Home Vintner's Association.  At each meeting, brewers and winemakers, young and old, experienced and novice, bring their masterpieces to be enjoyed, and their occasional disappointments to be diagnosed. Recipes, tips, and tall tales are passed around along with light snacks and frothy beverages. Bring a bottle or three and join us!


STLBrews Varies.  Currently Moolah Shrine Temple, Maryland Heights 1st Thursday of Month
St   Charles Brew Club Design2Brew in OFallon MO 1st Wednesday of   Month
Garage   Brewers O'Fallon Brewery Maryland Heights 3rd Tuesday of Month
Brewminati Town & Country 2nd Wednesday of   Month
Missouri   Mead Makers Society Design2Brew  
Missouri   Home Vintners Design2Brew in OFallon MO 4th Wednesday of   Month
STLHops Perennial Artisan Ales 2nd Thursday of Month


Community Organizations


Design2Brew is honored to be a proud partner of Pride St Charles.  Individuals, friends and families of the LGBT Community are included in our discount program.   To learn more about Pride St Charles visit their webpage.


Pride St Charles  


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