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Corporate: A unique corporate event hosted by Design2Brew

  • Client and Employee Appreciation… show you care
  • Holiday Gifting Program Available… custom beer and wines that say ‘thank you’ and ‘enjoy’
  • Team Building Event… hands-on activity that brings people together for a common goal

Special Occasion: A party to remember …family, friends, co-workers, great food, music, the fun of brewing and winemaking, and of course…enjoying wine!

  • Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary
  • Family Reunions, Schoolmate Reunions, Distant Friends Reunion…
  • Special ‘Awards’ Event: Golf Awards, Men’s and Women’s Club Recognition
  • Surprise ‘Winemaking Party’… an unexpected, pleasant and fun-filled time for all

Special Event, Occasion, Party ‘Wine’ Favors and Wine Gifting:

  • Weddings … Serve your wine or beer, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your special day
  • Wedding Favor… Gift your private-labeled wine or beer, say thanks in a special way
  • Important Success or Event… Gift Winemaking/Beer Making! Gift Certificates Available.
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Learning Center

Our Learning Center offers how to guides, white papers, presentations, calculators and award winning recipes for your next batch of beer or wine.

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