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Wine For Weddings


Custom Wine For Your Special Day
Your Wedding Day is the most important and special day of your life. You have been planning every detail of this very special day for many months and perhaps a year or more.  Doesn’t your Wedding deserve a very special Wedding Wine?

At Design2Brew, you can create The Perfect Wedding Favor as well as Custom Label Reception Wines. YOU personally will make your wedding wine from scratch, all with personal instruction from us, in just 4 to 8 weeks.

We will also help you design a 100% custom bottle label using a favorite photo and your personal wedding message, at no extra cost.

Can you think of a Wedding Favor which would send a more special and personal message to your wedding guests than a bottle of wedding wine you made yourself?

This is a Wedding Favor your guests will truly appreciate and will certainly not leave behind on the table.


Wedding Favors Are Our Specialty

Average Cost Per Bottle - $5.04 to $6.67 per 375ML bottle your custom label included  

Level Kit Bottles Labels Fee Taxes Total Cost/Bottle
Eclipse 165 88 60 55     32.20       400.20            6.67
Selection 129 88 60 55     29.05       361.05            6.02
Island Mist 75 88 60 55     24.33       302.33            5.04


Our wines are made in batches of 6 gallons, which yield 60 wine bottles of the 375ml size, so 2 batches would yield 120 bottles, 3 batches would equal 180 bottles, and so on. If the number of favors you need is somewhere between say 2 and 3 batches (such as 150 bottles), you can either bottle the extra wedding wine for your personal enjoyment, or we can likely arrange for a half-batch (30 bottles) to more closely meet the exact number of wedding favors you need.

You will complete your wedding wine in 2 sessions, the first 1 session being about 60 minutes in length. The final date, your bottling & labeling session, might be as little as 60-90 minutes, but could also run 2 – 3 hours, all depends on how much wedding wine you have to bottle and how partying you do while bottling your wedding wine. 

Wedding Reception Wines

If your wedding reception calls for you to provide the wedding wine for your guests to enjoy – make it a very special statement of your appreciation of them joining you on the most important day of your life. Come to Design2Brew to make and bottle, with your custom wedding reception label, wines of your choice from our selection of over 50 different red, white and flavored wines – including all the traditional varietals, plus extraordinary wines such as Stags Leap Merlot, Italian Amarone, Burnello, and Bordeaux, and fun easy drinking wines (great for summer weddings) such as Strawberry Riesling, Orange Sangria, and Peach Chardonnay. Wedding Reception wines range from $3.72 - $5.35 


Level Kit Bottles Labels Fee Taxes Total Cost/Bottle
Eclipse 165 45 30 55     25.81       320.81            5.35
Selection 129 45 30 55     22.66       281.66            4.69
Island Mist 75 45 30 55     17.94       222.94            3.72




Please call us at 636-265-0751 to discuss your Wine Bottle Wedding Favors, Wedding Reception Wines, or any questions you may have.


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